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Company Profile - brief portrait of the Alcopack Group

The Alcopack Group encompasses a range of trading companies in Germany and a production facility in Belarus, with separate distribution offices in Russia, all of which are focused on the field of packaging for the beverage and foodstuffs industry.

The origins span back to Hanns Weirich KG GmbH & Co. in Koblenz, a company that has primarily distributed glass bottles and lids in Germany and Western Europe with success since 1952.

Fundamental expansions that have taken place to date are:

  • The general distribution of PET bottles/preforms from a leading manufacturer
  • Supplying one of the leading Kazakhstani vodka manufacturers with all essentials required for the production and sale of vodka (from machinery, equipment and replacement parts to bottles, lids, labels, boxes and much more besides)
  • Cooperation on procurement and sale with FUPE Multipack in Gomel (a manufacturer of BOPS films)
  • Supplying an Azerbaijani pharmacy chain with German and international pharmaceutical products
  • The sale of special bottles, packaging and gifts to end customers via the internet
  • Since 1996, the Alcopack Group has been manufacturing bottle equipment using its own production facilities in Gomel, Belarus (initially standard screw top lids, wire bracket closures, aluminium and plastic caps for the wine, sparkling wine and spirits sector). Today, approx. 1,500 personnel (of which approx. 20% are female) are employed in Gomel and a dedicated sales organisation services the markets of the CIS countries. The existing quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2001 since 2007

The development of a new generation of lids – non-refillable screw tops – has been patent-protected for the entire CIS market, and is therefore almost without competition. Since production began at the end of 2003, this considerable competitive advantage has had a positive influence resulting in strong growth.
Together with the long screw tops, which provide the end product with a considerably enhanced premium appeal and tap into the new trend in the wine market, these are the focus of production today.

An increasing number of customers are recognising the opportunity of using our lids to protect their products and their brands, to add premium appeal to these and to therefore tap in to further added value potentials.

The Alcopack Group is now the market leader on the CIS markets for special lids, and counts many of the leading vodka manufacturers amongst its customers.
The Alcopack Group supplies the Western European market with packaging for the beverage and foodstuffs sectors via the distribution organisation based in Koblenz. Suppliers of this industry are significant glassworks and lid manufacturers in the EU region, as well as the leading Turkish PET bottle/preform manufacturer.

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